billie claire

hand lettering, floral profanity, and major sass


I unfortunately do not offer custom work, and here’s why:

Every design that I create takes a super long time to make. One new print design can take 6 to 8 months to finalize before I have it available at markets and in stores! I am very meticulous and intentional with every piece that I make, which means that one design often starts as 5 to 10 pencil sketches in my sketchbook, and then I sit and ponder on them for a month to see which one is still my favorite. Then I ink in the design, and I sit and ponder a bit more to make sure that I don’t need to add any more embellishments. And then when I finally digitize it, it becomes time for the most difficult part of the journey - adding color. There are millions of color schemes and I often create at least 25 to 35 colored version before settling on a final design. Could I speed through this process? Of course I could. But then I wouldn’t be creating work that I’m proud of, and you wouldn’t be getting work that has had my full effort put into it.

So in a nutshell - there is no way for me to price custom work accordingly. The fee that would cover all of the hours that it takes to sketch, design, and color a new piece would be unreasonable to ask of someone for one new design. And until I figure that out, my books are closed for custom work.

If you’re interested in getting a state or city map done - I am always happy to hear your request and I will add it to my running list of new states and cities to tackle! It just may take 6 months to a year before it is done.

I appreciate your love and your interest in my work, and am beyond flattered that you would want me to design something special for you! Please know that I am thankful for your support!